XML Feed Format

Here are some simple guidelines for creating an XML feed in order to include your ads in Voobay. If you would like additional information about the XML format, check Wikipedia.

The UTF-8 XML file has one ‘Voobay’ tag, and one or more ‘item’ elements. Each ‘item’ element has the following fields:

Voobay Vacation Rentals

  • id: id of the ad on your website (numeric or alphanumeric, however it must be unique because we use it to avoid duplicate entries)
  • alternate: URL of the ad on your website
  • title: title of the ad
  • bathrooms: number of bathrooms (int)(optional)
  • bedrooms: number of bedrooms (int)(optional)
  • location: location of the rental (city, area, postcode...)(optional)
  • price: price (optional)
  • price_type: price type (per week, per month...)(optional) (optional)
  • property_type: property type (Villa, Apartment, Guest House..)(optional)
  • provider_name: provider name(optional)
  • provider_telephone: provider telephone(string)(optional)
  • sleeps: sleeps number (optional)
  • image: image source (optional)


Example XML feed

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<title><![CDATA[Ely House Hotel (wolverhampton)]]></title>

	<location><![CDATA[London 10000]]></location>	
	<price_type><![CDATA[per week]]></price_type>
	<provider_telephone><![CDATA[00 356596974]]></provider_telephone>